Jos. A. Bank Men’s Traveler 2-Button Tailored Suit for $157 + $15 s&h

tcJos. A. Bank offers select Jos. A. Bank Men’s Traveler 2-Button Tailored Suits (pictured is the Jos. A. Bank Men’s Traveler Tailored Fit 2-Button Suit with Pleated Front Trousers in Black) for $157 plus $14.95 for shipping. Sales tax is added where applicable and sizes for some items are very limited. Deal ends today.

About Jos. A. Bank

“Jos. A. Bank is not just another menswear retailer. What makes us unique is also what has attracted customers to our stores for 107 years; a heritage of quality and workmanship, an extensive selection of beautifully made, classically styled tailored and casual clothing, and prices typically 20 to 30 percent below our competitors’. Add that to an expert staff of sales professionals who prize service and customer satisfaction above all, and you get the idea.”

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